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Monster Party
Monster Party
Japanese Name: 怪獣宴
Romanized Name: Kaijū Utage
English Name: Monster Party
Main Ship: {{{ship}}}
First Appearance: Justin Thanatos
Captain: Robin Goodfellow
Total Bounty: BsymbolUnknown

Monster Party (怪獣宴 Kaijū Utage) is a notorious Pirate Crew who are regarded quite strangely for their eccentricity, particularly in their membership. Every single one of their members is a non-human, whether it be an individual afflicted with an Awakened Zoan, or another race such as Fishmen, it doesn't matter to the Monster Party. Their current captain is Robin Goodfellow.

It is unknown what the exact goals of the crew are, but they appear to be in search of the One Piece just like many of the pirate crews in the modern era.

Crew MembersEdit

Monster Party
RabbitZoanPro Justin5 Orcuspro Navi1
Robin Goodfellow Justin Thanatos Orcus Schneider D. Samuel
Archae1 Yuenu3 ShipW4 Cheshirepro
Jason Fiorenzo Yuenü Kateryna Cheshire
Svenpro Nicholas Nina3
Sven Nicholas Fiamma Elizabeth Blackwell

Crew StrengthEdit

Professions and CapabilitiesEdit



Relationships Among the CrewEdit



Behind the ScenesEdit

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