Name Muu Mugén
Kanji ム マグン
Rōmaji Mu Magun
Personal Status
Birthdate 21.4.
Age 16 (Before time-skip)

18 (After Time-skip)

Gender Female
Height 165 cm
Weight 68 Kg
Blood Type B
Hometown Jaya
Affiliation Network
Occupation Bounty Hunter


Partner Jack Fexel


Family Unknown
Bounty 125.000.000
Devil Fruit Migi Migi no Mi
 Muu Mugén, usually just called Muu-Chan, is member of Network who works under Jack Fexel . Her ephitet among pirates and marines is "The Shattered Mirror", because of her Devil Fruit.


Short and petite, Muu has light skin and her right eye is red and left bright yellow (and has gear-symbol due her devil fruit). Her hair is Light blue. When Muu moves amoung civilian's she often dresses in black school-outfit with red bow.

When starting "The Hunt", her outfit changes bit more revealing. I cannot describe it, so please look it yourself.


Muu is usually cheerful, and smiles to everything (including when she kills people), and makes fun of her foes. It is rare to her stop smiling.

She is however sadist, and enjoys torturing people.


Abilites and PowersEdit


Muu is talented hypnotist, and can make person do what he wishes in moments with Eye-contact

Devil FruitEdit

Muu ate Migi Migi no Mi, making her "Reality Person", giving her ability to manipulate arae within 30 meters freely, as long as her left eye is open.


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