Myst is a Marine soldier tasked with taking down pirates, although she seems to be fixated on defeating, killing or, preferably capturing the Hoodlum Pirates. She holds a grudge against the pirates for “taking her brother from the life meant for him.”


Myst looks like she is a teenager with long pink hair and unnatural heterocromia (The left eye is silver and the right eye is blue). She wears all black clothes, often consisting of a shirt that is form-fitting, with a v shaped opening at the bottom, a mini-skirt and stockings.


Myst is exactly opposite of her brother. While Shade yearned for the freedom of piracy even though he was groomed for the Marines, she was basically left trapped in a perpetual situation where she was given opportunities to leave home for the life of a pirate, a chance to see the world on her own. That life was what made her yearn for regimented days. She’s well disciplined and in full control, something she holds above Shade’s anger, giving her fine control over her actions and her choices.

To complete her role as foil in terms of personality, Myst has no sense of family with her crew, letting them fight and die while she remains safe, using them as pawns.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Master Tactician: Myst is able to bend any situation to her advantage, especially against the Hoodlum Pirates. She first scouts out the area around the battle zone to find the best position to use against her opponents and then finds their weaknesses to change the flow of the battle.