Japanese Name: ネネ
Romanized Name: Nene
English Name: Nene
First Appearance:
Affiliations: Straw Hat Pirate Unitopia Kingdom
Occupations: Pirate Nurse Princess Formerly
Epithet: Demon Girl
Japanese VA: Akemi Kanda
Funi English VA: Brittney Karbowski
Age: 14 (Before Timeskip)
16 (After Timeskip)
Birthday: April 21st
Height: 151 cm
Bounty: Bsymbol10 86,000,000
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Kemo Kemo no Mi
English Name: Beast Beast Fruit
Meaning: Roaring Beast
Type: Demon Beast

Nene is the Nurse of the Straw Hat Pirates she was the princess of Unitopia Kingdom her homeland and was ruin by the Lost Pirate she forfeit title as the New Queen of her Kingdoms and past it down to Her Younger Twin Sister Cece


Nene is a short petite girl with fair skin. As of her introduction, has orange-peach colored hair and purple eyes. she wears a Lime dress and leather shoe


Nene is a sweet timid and innocent young girl she is also somewhat naive she develop a habit of fainting when she gets too excited Nene is a polite girl and is extremely shy toward strangers but can opening up to them after getting to know them better.

She is also very afraid of people with scary face that somewhat able to open up to them she also somewhat had a childish side such as fooling around with Luffy and the other immature member of the crew despite her naive and timid behavior she is very polite and does call people by their respectful honorific

Nene doesn't enjoy fighting, preferring to avoid it as much as possible. If, however, it's for the sake of her crew or friends, Nene will fight without hesitation. Nene is very optimistic and idealistic, sometimes to the point of naivete and despite having seen the poor odds they faced

Nene Like Chopper will believe just about anything he hears, making her easy prey for Usopp's stories and his "Sogeking" disguise. she also believed Nami when she lied to Lola about being a man, even though the truth was very obvious. In fact, until Jinbe stated otherwise, she thought that the captain's duty was not to listen to anyone. Nene also believed the Impostor Straw Hat Pirates were the real Straw Hats despite them looking nothing like their real counterparts.

After the Timeskip Nene mature a lot although she is still gullible at times she is shown remain calm in the tensest situation and has become more confident and brave as time goes on, and she always tries to be of help wherever she can.

Power and AbillitiesEdit

Nene was originally considered one of weak member" along with Chosuke Nami Usopp Chopper and Rokuren. This lay largely in her lack of battle intuition and naïveté at the time, though it is shown that she has gotten much more capable after his two years of training on the Torino Kingdom.

Devil FruitEdit

Nene was force fed a Devil Fruit call the Mao Mao no Mi a Demon Beast type Devil Fruit by one of the Captain of Lost Pirate she would turn into monstrous demon and go out of control if she does not eat something that she dislike which it curry like many Demon Beast type the user has little control over this she can also utilize the Demon Beast Sphere and gain access to some various power such the ability to breath wind which is powerful to inflicting Damage after she manages to gain some control over her powers and discover that she can shapeshift her body into weapon in her partial demon beast state and can give her the power to change any and all parts of her body into weapons like her hands turning into blades, claws or huge mechanical gauntlets

Physical AbillitiesEdit

Nene does not possess any superhuman strength before she ate her Devil Fruit Nene also has extreme levels of superhuman endurance, able to withstand powerful attacks from CP9, and even when badly injured, she could force herself to transform into her demon beast form and ultimately survived the immense strain, despite her injuries and fatigue that left her unable to move.

Medical ExpertiseEdit

Nene has some medical knowledge where she assists Chopper treated Hayate injuries against Logan which results in her becoming the Nurse of the Straw Hat and become Chopper assistant her medical knowledge improve a lot when study under Chopper even more when she and Chopper spent in the Torino Kingdom, and her knowledge of pharmacology have vastly increased.



Nene get along with Straw Hat well especially with her Female Crewmates

Monkey D LuffyEdit

Nene admire Luffy and Often Refer Big Brother Luffy and she often fool around with him along with Magnes Usopp Chopper Mimi and Rokuren

Date D HayateEdit

Nene views Hayate as an older brother figure and alway talk to him when she feels trouble and has a great liking for Hayate and calling him Big Bro.


Chosuke shown to care for Nene and may have a crush on her Nene, in turn, took liking for Nene and she considers Chosuke as a good friend

Roronoa ZoroEdit

Chen SaizoEdit


Nene view Nami as a Sister Figure Nami in return also develop strong affection when she feel trouble and emotionally saddening she all way would go to Nami and hug her and affection call her big sis and Nami was quite fond of her

Victor MagnesEdit


Nene Due to her naïve nature Nene is a fateful listener to Usopp's lies, most of which she really believes, at least for a short time. Initially bonding with Usopp as one of the weaker members of the crew, Usopp advised her along with Chopper that "you must always still do what you can do for the crew". This includes never running away in certain circumstances, especially when the dreams of your friends aren't being taken seriously. she has taken this advice deeply to heart ever since.

Vinsmoke SanjiEdit

Ayasato YuriEdit

Ron TobiEdit

Nene showed to like Tobi even before Tobi his true personality and her Devotion to Tobi led her to let her devil fruit power go out of control against Kumadori during his battle in the Judiciary Tower.

Tony Tony ChopperEdit

Nene bond with Chopper exist in two different level First is that Nene is very fond of Chopper and she also assist Chopper on treat other as well another is that they share similar naiveness and would believe anything they hear

Nico RobinEdit

Deimon MimiEdit

Mimi consider Nene as a little sister in return Nene consider her as a Big sister they are quite fond of each other Nene stated she feels lonely when Mimi isn't around and that looking at her photos makes her feel better.




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