Nentō Nentō no Mi
Name Nentō Nentō no Miの実
Kanji 念頭 念頭
English Mind-Mind Fruit
Type Paramecia
User Brain
Nentō Nentō no Mi is Paramecia-Type Devil Fruit that makes user "Hypnosis Person". It was eaten by Lieutnant Brain.


Strengths& WeaknessesEdit

Nentō Nentō no Mi grants user ability to manipulate minds of persons and even mess their memories. To use it, user must get contact with enemy and just say targets name.

Besides basic Devil Fruit weaknesses. Strong minded persons can resist Nentō Nentō no Mi.


Brain uses this ability to manipulate pirates.


Hack : Basic ability, that allows user to brain control enemy.

Reprogram : User manipulates memories of target. Simple minded target, easier to manipulate.

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