Japanese Name: ネット
Romanized Name: Netto
English Name: Netto
First Appearance:
Affiliations: Revolutionary Army;
Occupations: Revolutionary Commander
Japanese VA: Johnny Yong Bosch
Funi English VA: Takeshi Kusao
Age: 10 (Flashback)
25 (Present)
Birthday: March 21st
Height: 187 cm
Bounty: Unknown
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Kaze Kaze no Mi
English Name: Wind Wind Fruit
Meaning: Wind
Type: Logia

Netto is an member of the Revolutionary Army he is an swore brother of Date D Hayate and Date D Lang he was orginally believe to have died 14 year ago however in truth he was save by Monkey D Dragon He had lost most of his memories from that point forward but regained them upon learning of Lang's death at Marineford.


Netto was a ten year old boy at the time of Hayate's flashback, the same age as Lang at that time. He had round eyes and Brown hair he wore a formal collar shirt with black vest and wear blue short

As an adult, Netto became taller and more muscular. He has matured greatly, with more pronounced facial symmetry


Netto is usually polite and kind and care deeply for his Friends and Family and A compassionate and trustworthy person, he cares deeply for Hayate and ever since then he is determined to Hayate safe from harm since Lang's Death

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Even as a child, Netto already has a very high level of physical capabilities from the very intense training in extremely harsh environment He later underwent an extremely rigorous training regimen with the Revolutionary Army, attaining tremendous physical prowess by adulthood. Sabo is shown to have extraordinary agility as he easily dodged an attack from a Fighting Fish, as well as tremendous strength, He later destroys the entire arena of the Corrida Colosseum, which was tough enough to resist all the previous battles between the New World gladiators with Haki enhanced physical strikes.

Sabo also has tremendous skills in hand-to-hand combat which were honed since childhood from sparring matches with Lang and Hayate including training from Goldbeard

Devil FruitEdit

Netto is the current user of the Logia-type Devil Fruit, the Kaze Kaze no Mi, which originally belonged to his brother Netto before his death. With it, Netto is able to become the element of wind and control the wind from his body at will.