Japanese Name: ネットワーク
Romanized Name: Nettowāku
English Name: Network
Main Ship: Dullahan (Gale's ship)
First Appearance: {{{first}}}
High-Commander: Gale Kuroma
Total Bounty: N. 100.000.000 Beli, commanders and Gale in total ; 700.050.000 Beli

Network is organization made from serval smaller Pirate-, mercenary- and Bandit groups, wich are leaded by 3 Commanders :Jack Net, Dusk Tide and Ashen Cloud (last 2 use codenames), leaded further by man known as "Genocider" - Gale Kuroma, twin brother of "Archfiend" Lucifer Kuroma.


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Main Crew of network is leaded by 3 Commanders, and High Commander, each representing chess piece:

Leader - KingEdit

Gale Kuroma - King :

Commanders - Queen, Knight, Bishop & RookEdit

Angel Asakura - Queen :

Ashen Cloud - Knight :

Jack Fexel- Bishop' :'

Dusk Tide - Rook :

Luce Draka - Changeling


"Pawns" are group of Pirates, bandits, mercenaries, slavers (and some marines) who work for Network.

Crew PowerEdit

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