Oidasu Oidasu no Mi

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Japanese Name:

(japanese kanji)

English Name: Banish Banish fruit
Meaning: Banish


Power: To move an object or people various distances and displace matter out of sync with reality
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The ability to displace matter through a type of teleportation rift, appearing as blinking holes, enabling the user to move an object or people various distances and displace matter out of sync with reality. The effective teleporting range is to the curently infinite. The user is capable of "blinking" beings or objects without reassembling them properly, catching them in a portal and temporarily splitting them into pieces. The effects of this power on living beings varies from brief unconsciousness to death.

  • Banishing: ability to manifest the energy for the user's portals in the form of short javelins, which a user could throw at an object to cause it to teleport. Can use this ability both offensively and defensively. Also, can able to send targets to multiple locations at once. Also, the user is able to teleport portions of objects one at a time if they like.
  • Another thing is it's "Deflecting power's" If by chance the user is faster then there opponent; they will then be able to banish there opponnent's attack to somewhere else.

Further study on this fruit, has shown that this fruit power doesn't move at the speed of ligth; it moves at warp speed, making it more faster then light speed.

Further use of thise fruit has shown the use of partial teleportation; By "smushing" the javelin into a marble sized, but very thick ball, the user then spread's the ball till it is disk like to use for short range, and small usage of body part's, for good usage. This ability was very infrequently used so the limitations remain unknown.



The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.



This power is influenced by the marvel character; Blink.