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Raimunda Black
R Chick 1
Phantom (ぱんとむ, Yūrei)
Name Raimunda Black
Kanji れいまんだ ぶらく
Rōmaji Reimanda Buraku
Personal Status
Birthdate April 14th
Age 28
Gender Female
Height 5'10"
Weight ????
Blood Type A
Hometown West Blue
Affiliation Revolutionary Army
Occupation Revolutionary Commander
Family Black Family (disowned)
Bounty Bsymbol185,000,000
Weapons Nodachi
"I have sworn an eternal oath to combat all forms of tyranny over the hearts, lives, and minds of men. To war against prejudices of all stripes. To fight for liberty, basic liberty for every intelligent being, be they human, merfolk, giants, all deserve basic decency. Is it so hard to treat each other with basic decency? "

Raimunda Black (れいまんだ ぶらく, Raimunda Black) is a commander in the Revolutionary Army, lead by the infamous Monkey D. Dragon, and is one of the youngest of her rank. She is noted as a fearsome fighter and an exceptional swordsman. Her swordplay is known to be elegant but fierce, almost like a graceful dance but with ferocious power laced within every swift slash. Her strength, past exploits, and position in Dragon's forces have left her to be branded with a bounty of Bsymbol185,000,000 on her head. She also known for her expertise in stealth, thus leaving her a prime choice for many missions of an especially covert nature, more so than usual much to the chagrin of the Marines.

Raimunda was originally raised in a noble family, the well established and wealthy Blacks of Shiloh, an island in West Blue. After witnessing the terror of the World Nobles about ten years ago, known for relishing in the horrendous, supposedly illegal practice of slavery and draconian elitism, along with her family and other aristocrats turning a blind eye to it all, Raimunda ran away from home. As she hitched rides on different boats with the money she snatched, she would soon come to meet Dragon. He would show her just how much the government cares about those that get in the way of their interests and protecting the World Nobles along with their pushing of absolute justice. Reason followed suit and Raimunda, soon disowned by her family and friends, raised up arms with Dragon's forces and has progressed exceptionally in terms of skills. She is known as the Phantom (ぱんとむ, Yūrei) for her infiltration and stealth skills that have proven to be a massive asset to the Revolutionary Army.

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  • Her eyes change colors, from blue to yellow or even orange. The reason for this is unknown, except that it has been a condition of hers since birth.

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