Rei Rei no Mi
Name Rei Rei no Mi
Kanji 霊霊の実
English Soul-Soul Fruit
Type Paramecia
User Lucia Garan
Rei Rei no Mi is Paramecia type Devil Fruit wich allows user to give souls to unliving objects, and even imprions living souls to objects. It was eaten by Lucia Garan.


Strenghts and WeaknessesEdit

Main Strenght of Rei Rei no Mi is manipulate "Souls". It can either give soul to beings that are not alive (like weapons) or capture soul of living to objects.

Besides basic Devil Fruit weakness there is no known weakness.


Lucia uses her ability to give souls to her weapons and marionettes.


Soul Art : Techniques that include manipulation of souls directly.

Tsukumogami (eng, "Submit Attaching" 付喪神) : Basic technique of Rei Rei no mi; user implants soul to unliving object (does work with corpses, even they become mindless) by touching it. Touching object is requied to start controlling target.
Soul Doll ( ): Lucia's another basic technique; she can give soul to anything unliving being, so she crafted doll with hidden weapons and gave it soul, thus creating her favourite weapon; Alice. Alice may look harmless, but she has hidden kairoseki blades within her joints. 
Imprison ( ): Lucia touches living human to first "Mark" him/her, and then her need to touch unliving object, like stone, and say target's name to Imprison his/her soul there. Body does not die, only falls unconcius.


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