Risen Dark
Japanese Name: ダーク上昇
Romanized Name: Dāku jōshō
English Name: Risen Dark
Main Ship: Leviathan (Main Ship)
First Appearance: -
Overlord: Lucifer Kuroma
Total Bounty: 350.000.000 (Captain)

850.000.000 (Commanders in total) Whole crew : Over

 Risen Dark is Pirate Alliance that resides in New World. It is leaded by "Archfiend" Lucifer Kuroma,  and Seven Demon Lords; each representing Sin of Death - Lucia Garan (Pride), Sanzashi (Greed), Atlas Scar (Wrath), Chronos (Sloth), Jōkingu (Gluttony), Gaia Sprite (Envy) and Mirian Crimson (Lust). All Demon Lords have bounty of over 150.000.000 Beli.



Risen Dark has 8 units, with either one of Seven Demon or Archfiend as leader.

Crew PowerEdit

  • From Demon Lords only Jōkingu doesn't have Devil Fruit power.


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