Rogers D Lance
Rogers d lance
Name Rogers D Lance


Rogers D Lance

Personal Status
Birthdate December 4rth
Age Unknown (presumed in late 40's)
Gender Male
Height 6ft
Weight 59kg
Blood Type AB+
Hometown North Blue


Affiliation Marines
Previous Affiliation none
Occupation Vice Admiral
Previous Occupation Unknown
Previous Team None
Partner Marines
Previous Partner Unknown
Family Unnamed
Bounty none
Devil Fruit

Purazuma Purazuma no miEdit


Rogers D Lance is a Marine Vice Admiral he is one of the marines most famous marines and Vice Admirals . He is famed as "The One Eyed Demon" he lost his eye many years ago in a battle with Black Beard Marshall D Teach. He consumed the Purazuma Purazuma no mi a Logia class devil fruit that allows that gives him the ability to become plasma.


He is a very serious laid back person he seems to not ever be surprised , or angered or scared. He stays completely calm and in control of most situation not letting anything phaze him . He believes in following orders at all times no matter what even if those orders are wrong.