Ryūshi Ryūshi no Mi
Name Ryūshi Ryūshi no Mi
Kanji 粒子粒子のみ
English Part-Part Fruit
Type Paramecia
User Chronos
Ryūshi Ryūshi no Mi is Paramecia-type Devil Fruit wich transforms its eater to "Particle Person" who can manipulate all particles up to atoms. It was eaten by Chronos.


Abilities and PowersEdit

Ryūshi Ryūshi no Mi's main strenght is to manipulate molecylar constructs, allowing him to transform material to another shape or make it crumble. It can also manipulate air to create miniature suns.

Besides basic Devil Fruit Weaknesses there is no known weaknesses.


To break and reconstruct things.


Particle Manipulation :

Hand of God : Singature technique of Chronos, wich can be only used from 0-distance from the target; By touching target Chronos can turn it easily to dust, making his attacks extremely deadly.
Photon Blaze : Chronos mainpulates particles on air to great fusion/fission reaction, wich's heat he then redirects as beam of light and heat.
Big Bang : By making first small sun, Chronos tosses it at target. First, this sun grows, but quickly collapses, causing vacuum that pulls targets towards it. After this, it explodes to small Supernova.

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