Ryuu Ryuu no Mi, Model: Volcano Dragon
Name Ryuu Ryuu no Mi, Model: Volcano Dragon
Kanji 龍龍の実:モデル火山ドラゴン
English Drago Drago Fruit: Model Volcanic Dragon
Type Zoan
User Samuel Nakaoka the Second
Tsunami (future successor)

Ryuu Ryuu no Mi, Model: Volcano Dragon (龍龍の実:モデル火山ドラゴン Ryū Ryū no Mi: Moderu Kazan Doragon?, lit. Dragon Dragon Fruit: Model Volcano Dragon) is the extremely rare Mystical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that can given the power of the rare volcano dragon.



That fruit gave me the power of the powerful volcanic dragon and strong enough to beat Drizer like you. The Drago Drago Fruit is extremely rare and thought to be extinct in the pirate war. However, few of them were rarely seen by unknown warriors to eat it. That's why it chose you, dad.

—, Tsunami explains the Drago Drago fruit. (only English dub version)

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit



Although you have Drago Drago Fruit's powers, it has only major disadvantage that you have Keioken or a normal Super Saiyan before right? You have to be careful that your powers will be stained even with your BEAST Mode can't handle it until you masters the fruit's true power.

—, Tsunami reveals the Ryu Ryu no Mi's weakness.


Samuel Nakaoka the Second's techniquesEdit

Normal formEdit

  • Dragon Dragon BEAST Claw (龍龍のBEASTクロー Ryū Ryū no Bīsuto Kurō?, Drago Drago: Claw Hand in English version) is the red version of his signature attack BEAST Claw.
  • Dragon Fire Body (龍火体 Ryūbitai?, Drago's Heat Body in English version)
  • Dragon Dragon: Tail Spear (龍龍:テールスピア Ryū Ryū: Tēru Supia?, Drago Drago: Tail Slash in English version)
  • Dragon Dragon: Female Transformation (龍龍:女性変 Ryū Ryū: Joseihen?, Drago Drago: Cute Morphosis in English version) is the transformation technique used by Samuel Nakaoka the Second.
    • Dragon Dragon: Erotic-Nami Female Transformation (龍龍:エロ・ナミ女性変 Ryū Ryū: Ero Nami Joseihen?, Drago Drago: Cute Nami Transformation in English version) is the secondary transformation technique used by Samuel Nakaoka the Second after he absorbs Bentham's Nami mimic ability. However,
  • Dragon Dragon Drill Crusher (龍龍のドリルクラッシャー Ryū Ryū no Doriru Kurasshā?, Drago Drago: Drill Smash in English Dub)

Drarmor FormEdit

Tsunami Nakaoka's techniqueEdit

Normal formEdit

  • Dragon Dragon Kamehameha (龍龍のかめはめ波 Ryū Ryū no Kamehameha?, Drago Drago Kamehameha in English version) is the powered Kamehameha that can blast through the enemies.
  • Dragon Dragon: Fem-Sync Transformation (龍龍:同期女変 Ryū Ryū Dōkijohen?, Drago Drago: Cutie Lady Evolution in English version) is the transformation technique used by Tsunami and the alternate version of her father's signature move though her mother nagging her.
  • Dragon Dragon: Blade Blaster (龍龍:ブレードブラスター Ryū Ryū: Burēdo Burasutā?, Drago Drago: Full Blaster Attack in English version) is the slashing attack used by Tsunami to summons the fiery blade and slash the enemies. She also deals to slash an opponent while she counterattack.
    • Dragon Dragon: Burning Field of Wall (龍龍:壁の燃焼場 Ryū Ryū: Kabe no Nenshōba?, Drago Drago: Blast Wall in English version) is the defensive and destructive attack used by Tsunami when she "giving" the fiery blade by tricking him when he believe that her fiery blade was more useful to kill her.
  • Drago Drago Soul Blast Kamehameha is the charged blast-like Kamehameha to knock or blown the opponents aways. This attack was named in English version while the Japanese version was just used one-handed Kamehameha.
  • Dragon Dragon Fire Fist (龍龍の火拳 Ryū Ryū no Hiken?, Drago Drago: Fire Slide Punch in English version) is the fiery version of her father's signature attack Bi-juu Punch.

Draarmor FormEdit

  • Dragon Dragon: Cross Blade (龍龍:クロスブレード Ryū Ryū: Kurosu Burēdo?, Drago Drago: Burn Slash in English version)


Drarmor The OneEdit

Drarmor The One (ドラーマーザ・ワン Dorāmā Za Wan?) is the first transformation learned from Tsunami from the future. She teaches his father how to evolve his old strength into newfound strength. This form is limitless than full-powered Super Saiyan and very powerful than Super Saiyan 4.

Drarmor The TwoEdit


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