Name Sanzashi
Kanji サンザシ
Rōmaji Sanzashi
Personal Status
Birthdate 4.3. (Greenery Day)
Age 25 (Outlook)

73 (Pre-timeskip) 75

Gender Male
Height 210 Cm
Weight 97 Kg
Blood Type A
Hometown Ohara
Affiliation Risen Dark

Celestical Dragons

Previous Affiliation Ohara
Occupation Pirate, Captain
Team Red String Pirates
Partner Kusan (first-mate)

Tyler (3rd in command)

Previous Partner former crew (75 % deceassed)
Family Unknown
Bounty 296.000.000
Devil Fruit Kusaki Kusaki no Mi

Plant-Plant Fruit Meaning; Plant

Weapons "Dokuhebi", "Venomous Snake"; Wazikazi that has eaten Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model Banded Krait
Sanzashi "the Puppet Master" is one of Seven Demon Lords of "Risen Dark", and represents sin of "Greed". He works as both pirate and slave seller, selling slaves to Celestical Dragons. He is hated by Lucia Garan, fellow Demon Lord. He is over 70 years old, but looks only 25 years old.
150px-Wooden Mask

Mask Sanzashi wears




Abilities and PowersEdit


Devil FruitEdit

Sanzashi ate Kusaki Kusaki no Mi, thus making him Forest Human; he has ability to manipulate plant, grow them from his own body and even manipulate their grow cycle as well to regernate himself by using plants cellurar construction. He can also travel underground by merging with plants and their roots. Also, his body ages 10 slower than normal human (He ate devil fruit when he was 18).


Dokuhebi : Special weapon Sanzashi uses when he cannot use his Devil Fruit powers. Dokuhebi however isn't normal Wazikazi, even it first looks like it; it has eaten Devil Fruit, Zoan-type Carniverous Devil Fruit called Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model Banded Krait, allowing wazikazi to turn extremely poisonus serpent.


  • Sanzashi's mask looks like Wooden Mask from Elder Scroll V - Skyrim.
  • Sanzashi has fought both Gol D. Roger and Rumbar Pirates in past, before he joined Risen Dark.
  • Due his services to Celestical Dragons (25 % Discount from slaves for 5 years) he has granted "Protection" from Marines. Not that Sakazuki cares.

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