The Sea Queens
Sea Queens
Japanese Name: 海クイーンズ
Romanized Name: Umi Kuiinzu
English Name: The Sea Queens
Main Ship: Heartz
First Appearance: Orange Island Arc
Captain: Anne Read
Total Bounty: Bsymbol10150.000.000

The Sea Queens is an all female crew from West Blue and lead by former marine, Anne Read. First seen in the Orange Island Arc, the Sea Queens are shortly met in Alabasta and finally in Freezeland. At Reverse Mountain, Anne Read, long time captain of the Sea Queens leaves to join up with the Burning Skull Pirates and prays for their safe travel over into the Grand Line, leaving First Mate Coraline in charge.

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Crew Members
Anne Read Coraline  ?????  ?????  ?????
Anne Read Coraline  ????  ????  ????