Seraphim Pirates
Japanese Name: Tenshi no Ishimi
Romanized Name:
English Name:
Main Ship: Unknown
First Appearance:
Captain: Evangeline
Total Bounty: Unknown

You hear about those Pirates sailing along the coast? Apparently they're lead by some sort of she devil! Boss says if we go anywhere in the waters, we're dead for sure!

—a civilian talking about the Seraphim from the shore

The Seraphim Pirates (天使の一味, Tenshi no Ishimi) is a pirate crew that began somewhere North Blue that has been around for quite a long time. Previously lead by a nefarious Pirate named Ōda, a fishman, until his untimely death by his First Mate Evangeline. Under the leadership of Evangeline, the crew has become infamous for their attacks on rivaling Pirate crews and their monstrous power. The Seraphim Pirates earned their namesake for being rumored to have, at one point, slain even Angels.