Shōkan Shōkan no Mi
Name Shōkan Shōkan no Mi
Kanji 召喚 召喚 の実
English Summon-Summon Fruit
Type Paramecia
User Dusk Tide
Shōkan Shōkan no Mi is Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, wich makes its user "Summoner", wich allows user to summon different kinds of monsters, like wolfs, demons, snakes, etc. from hollow objects, like Gourd. It is eaten by Network's commander,' Dusk Tide.


Shōkan Shōkan no Mi has appearence of crimson citron with spirals and curved leafs.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


Shōkan Shōkan no Mi main purpose is to use hollow objects to summon creatures to serve user, but it can also be used to capture people in hollow objects. However, if target is not alive, captured is "dumped" out from the object. Also, anything that isn't alive is left outside object, including clothes. User cannot be captured with this power, however.


Beside normal Devil Fruit weaknesses, this ability have serval weaknesses - First of all, it cannot be used if user has no hollow objects. Secound is that if user is grabbed - or object closed - capturing is cancelled and victim released (though, they usually are still missing few clothes...).


Shōkan Shōkan no mi has lot of applications, but its main purpose is military strenght - with one bottle user can summon 100 Onis. However, if someone is captured in bottle, they can't use bottle for summoning anymore.

Secound way of using is to wield sword and sheat, and use sheat to pull enemies at striking distance and then impale them. This is how Dusk Tide uses his ability in combat.


Demon Summon : By using hollow object, user can summon all kinds of creatures from it. Type of these creatures depends what user wants to summon, so user must focus what he is going to summon.

Soul Prison : By using hollow object, like bottle, user can capture living things in it. However, lifeless objects are left outside (including clothes). By closing object or by grabbing user cancels this.

Soul Prison - Release : User relesaes captured target.

Hollow Vacuum : variatoin of Soul Prison, where capture is cancelled and target attacked. Usually target is defensless in thispoint, due loss of any armor or weapon.

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