Shizen Shizen no Mi
Name Miko Miko no Mi
Kanji 巫巫の実
English Shaman-Shaman Fruit
Type Paramecia
User Adrian Garan
Miko Miko no Mi is Paramecia-type Devil Fruit wich was eaten by captain of Phantom Moon Pirates, Adrian Garan.


Strenghts and WeaknessesEdit

Devil Fruit turns eater to "Shaman", thus Miko Miko no mi allows manipulation of Earth, Fire, Water and Wind, but does not give ability to turn element. Also it cannot be used to manipulate Logia-type users. Also, to manipulate element Adrian mustbe within 50 meters from it.

Besides basic Devil Fruit weakness and conditions, there is no known weakness with this Devil Fruit.


Miko Miko no Mi has multiple uses.


Soul : Techniquest wich requie no element to use, and allow user to create transparent beings of energy and talk to souls and nature.

Soul Edge : Adrian surrounds his arm with transparent aura and molds it look like sword. It is able to cut iron.
Swallow Wisp : User creates spirit swallows and launches them at opponent.

Earth : Techniques wich recquie "Earth" to use.

Clochán : Adrian launches his opponents around him mid-air by raising rapidly earth pilars below their legs. He can also do this technique with wind, naming it Thyfon.

Devil's Horn : Sereval earth spikes appear from earth.

 Metal : Techniques wich requie Metal.

Metal Blade : User creates sword of Iron by remodeling it.

Wood: Techniques wich requie usage of trees or wood.

Wood Jail : Prison made from wood, by touching ground or tree.

 Fire : Techniques wich recquie "Fire" to use.

Flame Arrow ''': Adrian uses nearby fire to create arrows from it, wich are fired at opponent.

Flame Armor : User cloacks himself to flames.

 Water : Techniques wich recquie "Water" to use.

Stream Cutter '''By using water (saltless) adrian creates thin strean of water, capable tocut through steel. If used with salt water, salt is left to sea.

Searoad : User walks over water. Works on sea, as long as you are not being hitted by wave.

Nature Transformation : Secret techique of Miko Miko no Mi, wich allows user change one element to another.


  • Formerly known as "Nature-Nature Fruit", Shizen Shizen no Mi, but changed to "Miko Miko no Mi", Shaman-Shaman Fruit

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