Shou Shou no Mi
Japanese Name: Shou Shou no Mi
English Name: Energy Energy fruit
Meaning: Energy
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Type: Logia
Eaten by:
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The Shou Shou no Mi, is a Logia-class devil fruit that allows the user to create, control, and become, all forms of energy.

Appearance Edit

The fruit resembled a large red grape with a cloud-like spiral design.

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

The fruit allows you to become, generate and control multi-colored energy. It has many properties similar to other devil fruits that have appeared throughout the years, all in one. For example, the user can create immense explosions by simply swinging his arms, destroying entire cities, or fleets, in an instant. Denkou can also create energy blades, or a huge energy blast shot from his mouth, hands or feet. He can also create barriers of energy.

Another useful attribute of the fruit is that the user never runs out of energy, and can supply it to allies in a fight. Also, Denkou is constantly radiating an energy wave that negates Sea Stone, making that an inefective way of stopping his powers.

Overall, the powers of the Shou Shou no Mi are highly destructive and dangerous, as such, it is difficult for someone not possessing a logia-class fruit to combat.

Aside from the standard devil fruit weaknesses, the Shou Shou no Mi has no known weaknesses.

Unlike other Logia-class users, the user seems incapable of flight with this fruit. Also, though Denkou can supply others with energy, he cannot drain them of it.

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