Stellen Raiker
Japanese Name: ステレンライカー
Romanized Name: Stellen Raiker
English Name: Stellen Raiker
First Appearance:
Affiliations: Juichibukai
Occupations: Pirate
Epithet: The Hunter
Japanese VA: Koji Yusa
Funi English VA: Christopher Bevins
Age: 29 (Before Timeski)
31 (After Timeskip)
Birthday: August 7th
Height: 196 cm
Bounty: Bsymbol10 Unknown

Stellen Raiker is a member of the Juichibukai and known as The Hunter and was well known for hunt down pirate with bounty on their head


Raiker is a tall lean man with Silver hair,


Raiker is laid back man and is quite carefree and possess cheerful, nonchalant attitude. He shown to be quite cheerily and often uses sarcasm and jokes when dealing with others.

However, he has a lust to fight a very strong enemy and strongly dislike weakling he is also a sociopathic, sadistic, misogynistic, misanthropic, and manipulative man he also acts in a vulgar, bizarre, threatening manner or so as to intimidate or disturb those around him.



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Abilities and PowersEdit

Raiker is an extremely powerful fighter and many people tremble in fear upon hearing name it was stated that he had captured more than ten thousand different pirates with bounty around a hundred million or over

As a Juichibukai, Raiker is powerful enough to be recognized by the World Government.

Light SwordEdit

Raiker a power to allow him to turn his sword into Light that is power up by a bracelet he use


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