Steven D Orochi
Name Steven D Orochi
Japanese Steven D Orochi
Personal Status
Birthdate ?????
Age 55
Gender Male
Height 6ft 5
Weight unknown
Blood Type O
Hometown Unknown


Previous Affiliation Marines
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Previous Occupation Marine Vice Admiral
Crew None
Previous Team None
Partner None
Previous Partner Unknown

Maria Godfry (Sister)

Bounty [1] 400,000,000
Devil Fruit Hebi Hebi no Mi Model,: Yamata No Orochi
Weapons Scythe

Steven D Orochi is a former a vice Admiral who is famed for consuming the Hebi Hebi no Mi Model,: Yamata No Orochi and For abusing his power to destroy towns and Kill inocent people. He since leaving the marines and going rouge he has been labeled a "Dangerous Element" He is known by the Ephipet "The Snake King" Despite is old age he still looks and fights like he was 22 .


He is a Tall man with long black hair and pale while skin with purple marking he usually he was apart of the Marines. He wore plain white garbs with black pants and a thick purple rope belt tied in a large knot and tomoe ear rings with a Marine jacket draped over his Shoulders like a cape. With Black sandles. After he defected he wore a black kimono with matching kimono pants and His earing are now snakes his finger nails are now painted black .


He is a cold and sadistic and evil person he loves to see other people suffer. He destroyed towns just for his own amusement. He loves to see other people bleed as shown in battle he loves to play and torture his opponents .He often speaks calm and disrespectful towards most not caring who he disrespects . He has a running nag to lick his lips and slether his tongue out . He seems to hate when his oponents dont give as shown when he got angry at light D Maxus when he continued to fight even though he had lost alot of blood. He also spoke of an unknown plan he hasnt revealed what it is yet.

Orochimaru tongue

Running nag

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