Supia Supia no Mi
Name Supia Supia no Mi
Kanji スピアスピアの実
English Spear Spear Fruit
Type Parmecia
User Hana Gamu

The Supia Supia no Mi (Spear Spear Fruit) is a Parmecia-class Devil Fruit. Once consumed, it allows one to transform their body, or parts of it, into a spear. It was consumed by Hana Gamu .

Strengths and Weaknesses:Edit

One of the main advantages of the Supia Supia no Mi is that it is a "battle" Devil Fruit. It allows Hana to turn one of her arms into a transform part of her arm into the spear's blade. Hana can also transform every part of her body into spears for defense.

The fruit so far does not seem to have any specific weaknesses outside the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


  • Tsuku (Poke): When behind an enemy, Hana quickly transforms her hand into a spear before "poking" it through the enemy's back.
  • Sōken (Spear Swords): When facing an experienced weapons user in combat, Hana will transform both of her arms into spears. By doing this, Hana not only gains an increase range, she is able of clashing her spears against her enemy's weapon(s).
  • Akai kafu (Red Widow): A move that Hana uses when in close-range with an enemy. She transforms a part of her lower chest or torso into a spear. As it happens, the enemy will find themselves run through by the spear.


  • It is how Hana uses the Supia Supia no Mi that gave her the epithet of "Red Spear".

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