Tōnan Tōnan no Mi
Name Tōnan Tōnan no Mi
Kanji 都南都南の実
English Theft-Theft Fruit
Type Paramecia
User Joseph Niulpé
Tōnan Tōnan no Mi is Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows user to "Steal" anything he has touched. It was eaten by Joseph Niulpé.


Strenghts and WeaknessesEdit

Main strenght of Tōnan Tōnan no Mi is "Steal Mark", wich allows user to steal anything he has once touched. However, if there has been more than 24 hours since item was touched, effect wears off.

Besides basic Devil Fruit weakness, Tōnan Tōnan no Mi has few cruical weak spots; First of all, it cannot steal Living beings (it can steal plants). Also, it cannot steal objects larger than 200cm x 200cm x 200cm. Finally, Kinetic energy of objects does not disappear.


Even Devil Fruit's main purpose is Stealing, it can also be used in combat and sabotage.


Own Hand Order : Basic move, where users hand glovs dark blue for moment, and he teleports object he wants (and has touched withing 24 hours) to himself.

Infinity Dart : By using sword and tossing it at opponent and then using Own Hand Order serval times in row, user can stab target serval times in row.


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