Takai Takai no Mi
Name Takai Takai no Mi
Kanji 他界他界の実
English Death-Death Fruit
Type Paramecia
User Azar D. Eath
 Takai Takai no Mi is Paramecia-type Devil Fruit wichs existance is classified to be "Top Secret"; It is Mythical fruit wich posesses ability to "kill" anything. It was eaten by Azar D. Eath, personal assassin of Gale Kuroma.


Abilities & PowersEdit

Main power of Takai Takai no Mi is "Death"; it gives user ability to generate black smoke that slowly destroys anything it comes contact with. User himself is immune to this.

Besides normal Devil Fruit weakness, user must wear "Limiter" -kairouseki item- to prevent unncecessary casualities.


Killing people.


Genesis Zero : Only move of Takai Takai no mi, wich produces black mist from users body.