Tang Dosan
Japanese Name: トング道三
Romanized Name: Tang Dosan
English Name: Tang Dosan
First Appearance:
Affiliations: Juichibukai
Occupations: Juichibukai Pirate
Epithet: Tigar Fang
Japanese VA: Joji Nakata
Funi English VA: Beau Blingslea
Age: 60
Birthday: December 24th
Height: 202 cm
Bounty: Bsymbol10 Unknown

Tang Dosan known as Tigar Fang is a member of the Juichibukai and one of the first to be revealed in the series along with Dracule Mihawk.he was known as the World Greatest Fighter similar to Mihawk title as the World Greatest Swordsmen


Dosan is an aged man who at Sixties. He is bald and his eyebrows and mustache are greying. He has a stern face,


Dosan is mostly very serious; he rarely smiles, and he has only been seen laughing twice so far. He took the revelation about Luffy and Hayate being Dragon's and Roger's sons in stride along with Mihawk, despite the surprise of those around him. He never unnecessarily reveals emotions on the battlefield, even when something unexpected happens

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