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Do you not see the flaws in your Absolute Justice? Do you not see the tyranny behind this facade of Order? Absolute Order is nothing but a transient fancy in our hearts! Because in all of our minds, the energy of chaos and rebellion will forever be engraved!

—Tatsuma to Marine Officers at Drumroll Island

Tatsuma Jūgenran
Name Tatsuma Jūgenran
Kanji 住竜魔限乱
Rōmaji Juugenran Tatsuma
Personal Status
Birthdate May 8th
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 5'8"
Weight Unknown
Blood Type AB+
Hometown Drumroll Island
Affiliation Violet Ribbon Pirates
Occupation Pirate Captain
Previous Occupation Resident
Team Violet Ribbon Pirates
Partner Leonardo D. Vanleuven
Previous Partner Shuyin
Family Ryūko Jūgenran(Father)
Mina Jūgenran(Mother)
Bounty Bsymbol20,000,000
Devil Fruit Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Yatagarasu
Weapons Gōkotenmō

Tatsuma Jūgenran (住竜魔断つ乱 Juugenran Tatsuma "Lit"; Living and Bound Chaos within a Severed Demon) is a young and recently emerging Pirate who has gained himself a healthy bounty of Bsymbol20,000,000 on the get-go due to his extermination of four Marine Squadrons along with Shuyin on Drumroll Island, along with the consummation of Mythical-Zoan Devil Fruit, Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Yatagarasu.

After his scuffle with the respective Marine Squadrons and their commander, Rear Admiral, William Archibald, Tatsuma had gone on a journey of adventure separate from his close friend, Shuyin, in order to develop his own Pirate Crew and eventually overthrow the corrupt World Government, as well as compete with his closest friend. He captains the Violet Ribbon Pirates, with his First Mate, Leonardo D. Vanleuven, son of the Mayor of Drumroll Island, and one who bought him a ship to sail on.



Tatsuma's General Appearance

Tatsuma appears as a young man with rather feminine features that he is noted to despise, but tolerate in any case. He has striking violet eyes that are thought to be very pretty by others, whilst his raven-black hair compliments them quite well. His hair is shoulder-length, and has strands pointing in all directions, but parting at his right. His facial features are quite soft, but sharp nonetheless, and give him a very distinct appearance.

His sense of fashion is quite unorthodox, though considering he hails from a higher-classed family, it isn't too surprising. He wears a three-piece tuxedo of sorts, with a black blazer extending down to his legs, a white dress shirt underneath, and a violet ribbon to replace the tie, giving him the inspiration to name his crew after that. Finally; he wears a pair of black dress pants and lace-up shoes.


Tatsuma in his younger years

In his younger years, Tatsuma was noted to be a recluse, and commonly appeared to hide his full self from other individuals. To contrast from his current nature, Tatsuma once used to keep his hair shaggy and unkept, hinting at a sense of shyness, while the large glasses (that weren't transparent) he wore further indicating at the said shyness he displayed. However; his sense of fashion was always similar, but he didn't appear to have the ribbon at the said time.








Abilities and PowersEdit



Behind the ScenesEdit

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