The Bilateral Strategic Organization


Alternative Names





Revolutionary Army


Revolutionary Army Intelligence Services


Genovese Houston

The Bitaleral Strategic Organization, or more commonly known as, the Bistrois an organization under the Revolutionary Army. It is a secret team of a handful of people that do espionage, gather intel, deal with the Underworld, and design, coordinate and advise on the Army's major plans. 


The Bistro is an organization shrouded in mystery, but its existence is well known amongst the World Government. It is consistently sought out as a major threat, but there is relatively little information on the Bistro. It is the Revolutionary Army's equivalent of Cipher Pol, another intelligence organization, but run by the World Government. 

The members of the Bistro perform various tasks and duties, some independently and some collectively, that involve gathering and/or applying intelligence for the Revolutionary Army. However, they have a lot of authority from the Army, and generally governs itself. While there is a loose heirarchy, Houtston being at the top, the Bistro appears to be more of a messpool of different people with little rules and managemnt. Most do not know all the members of the organization. 


The following is a list of known members of the Bistro, and their primary role. 

  • Genovese Houston: He is the leader of the Bistro and has direct access to communication to Monkey D. Dragon. He manages and overseas the Bistro, while also being one of the Emperors of the Underworld. He deals with the shady agreements and is a major purchaser for the Revolutionary Army's illegal goods. 
  • Kuznetsova Maria: She is a double agent operating in the Cipher Pol. 
  • Raja Yoko: She is a spy under the title of Vice Admiral in the Marines. 
  • Wei Shen: It is generally understood that he does the odd jobs of the Bistro. 
  • Smith Murphy: She is the primary tactician of the Army. 
  • Jasper: With his Den Den Mushi powers, he is a major informant of material learned from the Den Den Mushi. He is also a primary medium for communication. 
  • Garcia Félix: He is a relatively new member, and takes on minor, temporary espionage jobs as of now. 

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