Tochi Tochi no Mi
Name Tochi Tochi no Mi
Kanji 土地 土地 の 未
English Land-Land Fruit
Type Logia
User Gaia Sprite
Tochi Tochi no Mi is Logia-type Devil Fruit wich allows user to tranform and manipulate Earth. User can also redirect "Heat" of land directly from core, creating light-blue pilars of heat. It was eaten by Gaia Sprite.


Strenghts and WeaknessesEdit

Main strength of this Devil Fruit is "Earth". It can almost freely manipulate earth, no matter what it is; Sand, Soil or Stone; anything goes. It can also redirect heat from the ground. User can also sense earth's vibrations and therefore sense enemy movement, and attack them from far away.

Besides basic Devil Fruit weakness there is no known weaknesses. Expect it needs user to be standing on earth.


Multiple uses, mostly used in combat.


Gaia Reactor : Gaia's singature move; Gaia focuses heat of land in one spot and releases it as pilar of hot air, incinirating area. It needs some time to charge, so it can be dodged easily.

 Infinite Reaction: Serial release of Gaia Reactor, and has much larger are of effect. Hard to dodge.

Gaia Beam : Gaia focuses Gaia Reactor to his own hand, and releases it as beam of concernated heat.

Golem: To Gaia, it is not even trick or anything to create golems from earth. As long as they touch ground, Gaia can control them, but if they are, for example, pulled inside of house, Gaia loses control and they turn back to soil.

Land Seek : Technique wich allows Gaia to sense people who are walking on same ground he is standing at, and even see and talk to them through earth, even from far away distances.

Soil Flight : Gaia "dives" to ground, and merges with it. This allows him to travel long distances in blink of eye, as well ambush people with serval attacks from all directions.


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