Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Thunder Bird
Japanese Name: トリトリの実 モデル: サンダーバード
English Name: Bird-Bird Fruit: Thunder Bird Model
Meaning: Bird
Power: Transform into a hybrid or full thunderbird at will
Type: Mythical Zoan
Eaten by:
Created by:

Tori Tori no Mi,Model:Thunderbird grants the user the abilite to turn into a full or hybrid form of a thunderbird it also grants the user the control over electricity .the user also gains the abilitie to fly.

Strength And WeaknessesEdit

This fruit grants the user a major boost in speed and agility due to its flight capabilities. It also grants the user a minor strength boost. The major strength of this fruit is the power of electricity generation. This allows the user to execute an array of electrical attacks, even while they are in their human form. However, the fruit only gives the user the power to generate electricity. being a bird the user gains feathers and a beak also tallons and wings.


The Devil Fruit came from the Mythical Pokemon Zapdos