Toshiro Ronumaru is a Marine Vice Admiral

Cloud face
Name Toshiro Ronumaru


Toshiro Ronumaru

Personal Status
Birthdate December 4rth
Age 29
Gender Male
Height 6ft
Weight 59kg
Blood Type AB+
Affiliation Marines
Previous Affiliation none
Occupation Vice Admiral
Previous Occupation Unknown
Previous Team None
Partner Marines
Previous Partner Unknown
Family Unnamed
Bounty none
Devil Fruit

Juryoku Juryoku no miEdit


that is famed as Red Eye Toshiro Ronumaru he is famed for fighting a tie with yonko kaito on several different occasions. He consumed The juryoku Juryoku no mi he one of the most famed marine one of their most famed officers because of his great strength.


Toshiro is a fairly-tall person with blue hair in a pineapple style. His left eye is blue and his right eye is red. He wears a black jacket, a white T-shirt, a black necktie and black trousers with boots, including two white belts. After being freed from the Vendicare Prison, he wore a shorter jacket, a shirt with buttons, white trousers and tall black boots.

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