Name Tsunami
Kanji ツナミ
Rōmaji Tsunami
Personal Status
Birthdate February 7, 2023
Age 6 (as a child)
Gender Female
Hometown Earth (future timeline)
Affiliation Straw Hats
Team Team Samuel
Family Samuel Nakaoka the Second (father/deceased)
Nami (mother)
Kitsukasa Nakaoka Joo (half-brother)
Bounty 90,000
Devil Fruit Ryuu Ryuu no Mi

Tsunami (ツナミ Tsunami?) is the daughter of Samuel Nakaoka the Second and Nami from the future timeline. After her father died due to his fatal Ring Virus who was Samara's last resort attack, she ate the Ryuu Ryuu no Mi as a successor and take a path to her father's legacy and goes to the present time not before her mother Nami take her newly created medicine that cure any illness including diseases to rescue her father's present self.


She strongly resemblance to Nami only she has blonder hair color.


PR: One-PieceEdit

Pre-One-Piece ArcEdit

Tsunami ArcEdit

She is first appearance in episode 88 when she arrived in the present time while she finds K'nuckles and Cell where she fight them. She fights with K'nuckles first where he decides to take care of her. PUT LINK TO THE EPISODE


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