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William Archibald
Name William Nolan Archibald
Kanji ウィリアム.ノーラン.アーチボルド
Rōmaji U~Iriamu Nōran Āchiborudo
Personal Status
Birthdate 17th July
Age 24
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 76kg
Blood Type A-
Hometown Archibald Manor
Affiliation Archibald House
Occupation Rear-Admiral
Previous Occupation Commodore
Team Himself and James Michael Archibald
Partner James Michael Archibald
Family Archibald House
Weapons Ragnarok

William Nolan Archibald (ウィリアム.ノーラン.アーチボルド U~Iriamu Nōran Āchiborudo) is currently the heir to the prestigious Marine family, Archibald House. Partnered to his right-hand man, James Michael Archibald he serves as a Rear Admiral in the Marines. Famed for his growing power, and most notable his Haoshoku Haki and various inventions, William is feared by his monicker as, Isolated Blacksmith (遠隔鍛冶 Enkaku Kaji).



William's Red Eyes

A man of absolute prestige, honour and riches, William's appearance itself is absolutely dignified. A cold and callous expression lays upon his angular face, as red eyes stare into your very emotions. He stands tall with arms behind his back, looking down upon all those below him, with eyes, perhaps of mercy, or perhaps of destruction? Polished black hair drapes down to the nape of his neck, strands lay at a side of his face, obscuring the menacing gaze within.

Adorned in exquisite fabrics, his style is something else to behold. A white jacket is clad over a indigo shirt of the most perfect quality, a single white tie, lay aloft, adding a touch of elegance that is already emitted from his being. Simple, yet artistic grey pants are worn to cover his legs, as finally, he treads upon the barren ground with a simple "tap" of leather, black shoes.



Birth Into the ArchibaldEdit

Education and AssassinationEdit


Adult-hood and CoronationEdit


Powers and AbilitiesEdit




William's greatest invention, Ragnarok


Haoshoku HakiEdit


William's Haoshoku Haki

Busoshoku HakiEdit

Kenbushoku HakiEdit




Behind the ScenesEdit

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