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Xanxus Scary
Name Xanxus
Kanji ザンザス
Rōmaji Zanzasu
Personal Status
Birthdate March 14th
Age 28
Gender Male
Height 6'7" (200cm)
Weight 96 Kgs
Blood Type A+
Hometown South Blue
Affiliation Shichibukai
Occupation Shichibukai, Pirate
Team Shichibukai
Yellow haired Pirates
Bounty Formerly Bsymbol10340,000,000
Devil Fruit Han Han no Mi

Xanxus (ザンザス, Zanzasu) is a member of the Shichibukai, being one of the newer members to have joined during the time-skip.


Xanxus Appearance


Xanxus is a very tall and muscular blond man with fair skin and blue-grey eyes. His hair is slicked back, its numerous spiky strands pointing backwards, though some of it falls down on his forehead. He has a distinctive lightning bolt-shaped scar on his right eye, and dark lines circling his eyes, with a single, prominent eyelash jutting outwards. Xanxus is almost always seen wearing a pair of headphones on his ears.

He is normally seen wearing a plain shirt with a tribal pattern on it, green pants held up by a broad belt sporting a buckle adorned by a large ace of spades, and simple shoes. He also dons a large, brownish coat with light brown, spiky fur trimming around the neck and the sleeves’ edges, draped over his shoulders like a cape. He sometimes wears a dark shirt with thin light vertical stripes on it. Due to his tendency to get into fights, more often than not his upper body is covered in bandages due to some or the other injuries.