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Name Yíshǔ
Kanji 遺屬
Rōmaji Yíshǔ
Personal Status
Birthdate 19th September
Age 27
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weight 67kg
Blood Type A-
Hometown New World
Affiliation Whitebeard Pirates
Occupation New World Pirate
Whitebeard Ally
Previous Occupation Unknown
Team Whitebeard Pirates
Partner None
Previous Partner None
Family Unnamed
Bounty 180,000,000 Beri
Weapons Katana

Yíshǔ (遺屬 literally, Chinese for Survivor) is an ally of The Whitebeard Pirates and an infamous pirate of the New World, and has a bounty of 180,000,000 Beri. He is infamous for subtly evading various Marine forces, including being chased by even Admirals and Shichibukai without being caught even once. He is known by his monicker of Kyūbi (九尾 Nine-Tails), due to his sly personality. However, most notably, it is his sudden appearances and chaos ensued after every appearance. Even the higher-tier Division Commanders of the Whiebeard Pirates such as Marco and Jozu have commented on his skills.



Yíshŭ's general appearance

Yíshŭ has the appearance of a rather tall man with an almost skeletal figure at first but actually possesses a lean and well toned body, likely the result of extensive training, having pale skin and sky blue eyes that are rarely opened, his appearance is described as rather unnerving. He has neck-length white hair which is kept free and doesn't seem to have any distinct bangs of any sort, although some locks of hair are known to go down to his nose, nothing more. He has shown himself to wear various outfits for almost any occasion, although they are mainly known to be quite traditional and loose-fitting and mostly consist of a Kimono or Yukata, alongside an occasional Haori over them. His attire when around public however is slightly distinct, consisting of an all white attire, which includes; a large and very loose white cloak which he keeps zipped into a V shape down to his waist and actually keeps his blade in the bell sleeves of this cloak. Under this he wears a standard white shikahusho and hakama, and is usually wearing black tabi with waraji.




Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Natural AbilitiesEdit

Immense Speed:

  • Kyūka (急火 Sudden Fire)

Enhanced Strength:

Immense Durability:

Master Assassin:

Master Acrobat:


Fighting StyleEdit

Hyapponzashi (百本差し, Hundred-span) the name of Yíshŭ's personalized form of fighting....



Behind the ScenesEdit

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