Yoake Yoake No Mi
Japanese Name: Yoake Yoake No Mi
English Name: Dawn Dawn Fruit
Meaning: Dawn
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Type: Logia
Eaten by:
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Yoake Yoake No Mi is a Logia type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create , manipulate and become Yoake particles.

Strength and WeaknessEdit

180px-Jellal meteor

The speed of the user

Yoake Particles are Particles found at the centre of the planet and radiate intense and radiate intense heat when under pressure,that turns rocks into magma,and causes seismic activity . It also allows the user to move at the speed of light it leaves behind a white light when used.

The user suffers from standard devil fruit weaknesses.

Particles AppearanceEdit

When used the particles take the appearance of a yellow laser with a white outline . After being used it leaves behind a white light.


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