Zaku Yuki


Zaku Yuki (ザク由紀, Yuki Zaku)


Berī Pirates


Pirate. Chef.

Devil Fruit

Tonaki Tonaki no Mi

Devil Fruit Type


Devil Fruit Meaning


Zaku Yuki (ザク由紀, Yuki Zaku) is the primary chef for the Berī Pirates.


Zaku is a slender young man with white, lightly tanned skin, spiky black hair, and teal-colored eyes. When aboard the Berī Festival, he can be seen wearing a short-sleeved brown t-shirt, a white apron, faded blue jeans, and brown shoes. 

When he is off the ship, Zaku usually wears a sleevless green shirt, brown pants cut off at the knee, and thin black sandals. This is on account of the fact that he is usually forced to use his Devil Fruit when off the ship and has ruined numerous articles of clothing with his transformations.


Zaku is a person who has an extreme passion for cooking. It was through this passion that he was reqruited into the Berī Pirates, as they had acquired several exotic spices and foods that would be given to him, should he join. After seeing the deplorable state of the kitchen and the "untalented hacks posing as cooks", he took over the kitchen.

He is also the type of person that wants to get things over with as soon as possible. This is reflected in his main battle strategy: find the enemy, deliver a lethal surprise attack, and regroup with comrades.

Abilities and Powers:Edit

Devil Fruit:Edit

Zaku ate the Tonaki Tonaki no Mi, a Zoan-class Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into a reindeer hybrid or a full reindeer. He mainly uses it for quick boosts in strength, speed, or to finish the battle with a surprise attack.

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